Empowering kids

Join Us in Our Journey to Empower Kids in San Antonio

The money we earn doesn’t wholly belong to us. We fail to acknowledge several other people owe a share in our wealth. This includes our family members, parents, and people living in financial disparity. Often, we forget during a shopping spree that we have to spare some money salary for the people in need. Poverty is taking the world by storm, especially after the covid pandemic. The most affected lives are children who are forced to give up on their fundamental rights and freedom.
San Antonio’s Rising Stars is taking effective initiatives to combat the unfathomable situation. Donations from the served and settled public are needed to be spent on the welfare of those in need. Charities are necessary to serve the undeserving so that every life on Earth could be on the same level of equality. Profit organization for kids and youth in San Antonio are facing every humanitarian crisis that you could ever imagine. To improve their lives and provide them with necessities, our organization has Mentoring Programs in San Antonio which play a crucial role in helping our youth.

Our Focuses

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safe palces
mental health
workforce readlines
diversity,equity and inclusion
youth advocacy

We aim to strengthen our youth

The San Antonio’s Rising Stars trains families to learn leadership, conflict resolution, gender issues, and group dynamics. The empowering communities of our organization enable them to become great leaders and gain confidence to manage businesses and lives independently. We also monitor their progress until the kids are self-sufficient and self-sustaining. Various welfare organization for kids and youth in San Antonio like us help the families learn the importance of empowering youth for a better and brighter future.
The sense of hopefulness and optimism is what keeps us going. It helps us fight the negativity surrounding us and improve our physical and mental health. We all encounter challenges in lives that are sometimes too hard to tackle, but staying hopeful and believing in these challenging times will help us remain strong and content. By Educating kids and youth in San Antonio Community we aim to enhance their ability to fight every kind of hurdle life throws at them. This also pushes them to strive for a better future while successfully bouncing back from difficult experiences.

We exist to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes a healthy atmosphere that is conducive to the well-being of our youth.

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