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The San Antonio Rising Stars, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was founded on August 30, 2017, geared towards working with at-risk youth in the San Antonio area.

Founder Charles Sattiewhite believes that no kid is born bad. He believes that being bad is a learned behavior and with the right tools and techniques SARS will not only give our kids the tools to become successful but will show our kids how to use these tools and techniques to overcome life’s obstacles.

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Thank you, San Antonio’s Rising Stars, for making my life more fascinating and, most importantly, for adding value to it. I say this with joy and a heart full of gratitude. Looking back, I can only beam with pride, knowing that I made the right choice to enroll in the empowerment training program to become a better individual. I am sure now that I have learned enough to differentiate myself from the millions of others out there.

“Back when I was enrolled in their program, I always sat at the back throughout the class because I was so little and timid at the time. On one occasion, the facilitator called my attention to my accurate response to a question. I started asking and responding to questions at every session after that since I felt so secure. I took up Basketball as a sport, which helped me be mentally and physically healthy and awake at all times.”

“The communicative forum that you provided for our community was fantastic. The children standing in front of the classroom to present what they had learnt was enjoyable to watch. For our kids, you are building a better future. I’m grateful. PS: It would be a privilege to have you work with my kids once more.”

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    We exist to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes a healthy atmosphere that is conducive to the well-being of our youth.

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